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Sew Jewish: Childrens' Book Review

Just in time for Hanukkah comes the new children’s book Race up Mount Ram: A Hanukkah Story. It’s the tale of two school boys who compete in a mountain race to win the title of Champion of the Maccabees. It’s a take on the classic tortoise and the hare story, but in this case winning requires not just persistence but hard work, courage, and a sense of adventure. The publisher sent me a review copy, and I’m happy to tell you about it.

Midwest Book Review: Challah vs. Matza

Whimsical, humorous, expressive colored illustrations bring the conflict between bully Challah Boy and hero Matza Boy in this exciting duel to determine if a kosher Passover will be allowed to be celebrated by the faithful. "Challah vs Matza" is an excellent children's story that dramatizes important values highlighted in the Passover tradition and story. Highlighting religious freedom, and protection of the right to celebrate one's faith according to one's faith requirements are core values that reflect the highest human endeavors...

Jewish Review Council: Challah vs. Matza

Challah vs. Matza is a bright, colorful, amusing picture book which vividly communicates some important Jewish values to children ages 5 – 10, including the lesson that although confrontation is not ideal, there are times when it is essential to advocate for one's most important beliefs. ...

CJN: Passover Books Just for Children

Four girls must overcome their differences to stop a challah monster from taking over the house. They return home from school one Friday afternoon with challahs ready to bake. Each girl thinks her challah is best and is ready to insult the others. The challah grows and grows into a challah monster that takes over the house....

Challah vs. Matza: New book for Passover children will enjoy

Doesn't everyone know that on the days preceding the Passover holiday, challah (Sabbath bread) crumbs are household enemy number one? Well, in a charming just-published short children's book "Challah vs. Matza" written by Melissa Berg, author of "The Challah that Took over the House," (Eclectic Ivri Press)...

Rabbi Jason: Make Passover Fun

Each year I acquire a new Passover haggadah to add to my ever growing collection. This year's favorite is the Pop Haggadah by Melissa Berg. This bright and colorful haggadah is one of the best I've seen in years....

Huffington Post: Alternative Haggadot

Pop Haggadah The Pop Haggadah literally pops off the page. With exciting graphics and playful explanations the Pop Haggadah has a modern aesthetic that promises for a "lively & enjoyable" seder....

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