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Top Jewish Blogger: Haggadah Roundup

With the four sons represented as puzzle pieces and the plagues jumping from page to page, this Haggadah will make any Seder more lively and enjoyable. All the commentary is in the illustrations so you can get right to the point in a Haggadah that is both innovative and inspiring....

The Rumpus

I appreciate Melissa Berg’s linear, super-graphic Pop Haggadah. The bold illustrations, à la Colorforms and Milton Glaser, accompany traditional text (in English and Hebrew) and fun sidebars, like the one showing a chemical structure with a caption that reads: “Reseveratol: An antioxidant found in grapes, believed to have many health benefits.” Important information for young people. I could extract a few of these fun facts for my own Haggadah....

Jewish Voice NY - Haggadah

In a charming just-published short children's book "Challah vs. Matza" written by Melissa Berg, author of "The Challah that Took over the House," and colorfully illustrated by Sheila Alejandro (Eclectic Ivri Press), Challah Boy is not taking the pre-Passover cleaning...

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